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Retirement Planning

You spend years working to accumulate wealth, but do you have a plan beyond work? Sometimes, there is no clear objective beyond worrying whether there
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Long Term Care

In our hearts, we will be forever young.  We are optimistic.  We don’t expect to age but rather to continue with vibrant health and an active life
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Health Insurance

Since 2010, changes to health care law have caused much confusion about health coverage for all ages, and especially for many of our clients.  Althou
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Life Insurance

People get life insurance for many reasons and some are not always obvious. Are you bombarded with offers of ‘cheap’ insurance that won’t ask he
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Medicare / Medicaid

As one approaches age 65 (or earlier if disabled), the alphabet soup of Medicare solutions that faces us can be daunting. LTC Advisors provides peace
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Educational Events

The back bone of LTC Advisors is education and empowerment. We work hard to help clients, especially seniors, become more well informed and take the g
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Our Customers





Sue Orlando, FL



Planning for long term care needs was very important to me as a part of our whole retirement plan, but I had already been declined.  Teresa worked hard to get the right plan and made it possible for me to get coverage  - a process that two other agents didn't understand.

Barbara Orlando, FL



Teresa has been a trusted and personable insurance agent since our first meeting!  She always has responded to questions quickly and honestly, and met with me personally to make sure I was getting the best value for my insurance dollar.  I have referred Teresa to friends because of her knowledge and willingness to find the best fit for her clients.

Richard Longwood, FL



When I was seeking advice regarding our long term care insurance policies. A friend suggested that One Senior Place might be able to provide some assistance.  I met with Teresa Risner, of LTC Advisors.   Teresa is very knowledgeable and her advice was excellent. I was fortunate to have met her and am grateful for her assistance.

Judy Longwood, FL



LTC Advisors is far more than an insurance company. It is a 'people' company.  Teresa Risner has helped me in so many ways that are not at all insurance related. The company cares about the whole person, and not just as a customer, but as a friend.  I have recommended this company to my friends, as well as to my own sister.          I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone who is looking for a committed company to represent them.